Secured $1.6 Million Settlement for Minnesota Veteran in Police Excessive Force Case

September 1, 2020

Boudin v. Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Dept., et al. No. 20-CV-484 (WMW-LIB)

Robins Kaplan civil rights attorneys secured a nearly $1.6 million settlement on behalf of client, Kameron Boudin, who was a previous combat veteran. In 2018, Boudin engaged in a minor bar fight after receiving news that one of his fellow Marine’s had passed away. After having a couple of drinks at the bar, he then walked less than a quarter of a mile to his home and laid down on his bedroom floor.

Shortly after, officers and deputies surrounded his home, threatening Boudin’s girlfriend and demanding entrance. After officers entered his home, Boudin was unable to comply with police orders as an officer was on top of him as he lay on his back. Boudin tried to explain as much to the officers, which could be seen on the Body Worn Camera (BWC) video. In response, an Otter Tail County Deputy punched Boudin multiple times in the face and forehead.

The force of the strikes required Boudin to receive surgery, including the removal and replacement of his face due to multiple fractures. He has further suffered post-concussive symptoms, PTSD, and eye issues stemming from the blows leading to extensive medical bills.

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