Secured $400,000 Settlement in Civil Rights Police Misconduct Lawsuit Against the City of Rochester, Minnesota

May 2020

Fillner v. City of Rochester, et al.

Robins Kaplan civil rights attorneys secured a $400,000 settlement on behalf of a client in Rochester, Minnesota. At the time police officers approached our client, she was generally unresponsive and experiencing the aftermath of withdrawal symptoms in the back of her minivan. Because of this, she was not complying with police requests to exit the vehicle. 

Shortly after arriving, an officer reached into the van and in one motion yanked our client from the third row of the minivan onto the parking lot surface. In Body Worn Camera (BWC) video footage, our client’s shoulder can be heard shattering during this process.

X-rays showed that our client’s upper right arm bone was displaced and broken into three or more pieces. She underwent surgery to repair her shoulder and has incurred roughly $100,000 in medical bills. She still remains limited in what she can physically handle and may require additional surgeries in the future.

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