Patent Value: Scoring Patents Using Characteristics Of Patents In Litigation

By Christopher K. Larus, Miles A. Finn, Congnan Zhan, Joseph (Yu) Chen, and Shelley Gilliss

September 13, 2022

Not all patents are created equal. Finding patent assets likely to drive substantial value in licensing efforts is difficult. Getting the answer right can unlock substantial value and allow innovators to optimize expected return on investment. But making a mistake can lead to a costly waste of valuable resources.

Originally published in les Nouvelles - Journal of the Licensing Executives Society, Volume LVII No. 3, September 2022.

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Christopher K. Larus


Chair, National IP and Technology Litigation Group

Congnan Zhan, Ph.D.

Senior Economic Consultant / Data Scientist

Joseph (Yu) Chen, Ph.D.

Science Advisor and Technical Consultant Manager

Shelley R. Gilliss, Ph.D.

Chief Talent Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

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