How to Manage Mobile Big Data Legal Risks

The food industry and mobile devices, big data marketing and key legal policies and privacy laws like the TCPA and FTC app guidelines.

April 8, 2014

Mobile devices and their related applications offer food industry members extraordinary big data1 opportunities.  With more than 6 billion in use worldwide, mobile devices produce a constant stream of data - from user location to transactions and activity - that can be analyzed to provide insights on key consumer sentiment, behavior and movement patterns. Mobile devices also serve as an effective delivery mechanism for near real-time, highly personalized messages and incentives regarding goods and services through techniques like geo-fencing, augmented reality packaging and e-coupons. But the opportunities accompanying mobile's big data possibilities are not limitless. Government policies and privacy laws create very real exposures that food industry members must keep in mind as they seek to leverage mobile big data.


Source:  Food Manufacturing (

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