Robins Kaplan and FM Global Present on Superstorm Sandy at the 2017 PLRB Claims Conference in Boston

Robins Kaplan LLP is pleased to have partnered with FM Global to present at the 2017 PLRB Claims Conference & Insurance Services Expo, which took place in Boston on March 26th-29th.  The PLRB Claims Conference is the largest property and liability claims educational event in the industry, attracting thousands of professionals each year.  Claims professionals from hundreds of insurance companies attend, along with service providers from across the United States.  

Melissa M. D’Alelio and Meredith L. Murphy’s engaging presentation focused on Superstorm Sandy’s lasting impression in the world of property insurance.  Nearly five years after Sandy barreled across the Northeast, causing over $70 billion in damages, insurers and policyholders continue to spar over a number of unique and important property insurance coverage issues presented by Sandy.  The disputes have involved a myriad of topics, including the applicability of “flood,” “named storm,” deductible, and “storm surge” provisions, and whether policy sublimits can be “stacked” so as to afford more insurance coverage.  By recognizing that these cases provided fertile ground for an interactive, engaging survey of key property insurance provisions, Ms. D’Alelio and Ms. Murphy crafted their presentation as an exploration of Sandy’s most fiercely argued legal battles. 

Crucial to Ms. D’Alelio and Ms. Murphy was the format of how they would present this rich material.  With the use of audience polling devices, factual scenarios, and complex coverage questions, they fashioned an engaging workshop that attracted over one hundred professionals.  Participants left feeling energized and more confident in assessing methods to determine coverage for claims that involve complex flood, storm surge, named storm, deductible, and limit-stacking arguments.

Robins Kaplan LLP proudly congratulates both of them on their successful program.  This was the third time Ms. D’Alelio has been invited to present at the PLRB Claims Conference and Ms. Murphy’s first time presenting at the trade association event.  

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