Significant Dismissals Filed in December 2014

Case Number Plaintiff Defendant Document Date Patent #/Title Dismissal
1:13-cv-07973-RWS (Dkt. 59) 3D Systems, Inc. Formlabs, Inc. 12/02/2014 5,554,336 (“Method and apparatus for production of three-dimensional objects by stereolithography”); 5,569,431 (same);
5,779,967 (same);
5,785,918 (same);
5,814,265 (same);
5,609,812 (“Method of making a three-dimensional object by stereolithography”);
5,609,813 (same);
5,762,856 (same)
Dismissed with prejudice
1:14-cv-01482-JPO (Dkt. 13) Best Brands Consumer Products, Inc. Funky Rico, Inc 12/05/2014 D669,462 (“Flexible cellular phone holder”) Dismissed with prejudice
1:14-cv-07798-AJN (Dkt. 16) Straight Path IP Group, Inc. Verizon Communications Inc.; Verizon Services Corp.; Verizon Business Network Services Inc. 12/09/2014

6,108,704 (“Point-to-point internet protocol”); 6,701,365 (same); 6,131,121 (“Point-to-point computer network communication utility utilizing dynamically assigned network protocol addresses”)

Dismissed without prejudice
1:13-cv-01194-MGC (Dkt. 33) Bodum USA, Inc.; PI-Design AG Jarden Consumer Solutions; Gibson Overseas, Ltd. 12/10/2014 D567,007 (“Coffee pot with plunger”) Dismissed with prejudice
1:12-cv-06315-RJS (Dkt. 35) Joao Control & Monitoring Systems, LLC Liquid Cash, LLC 12/29/2014 6,587,046 (“Monitoring apparatus and method”);
7,277,010 (same)
Stipulated judgement entered
1:14-cv-04508-KPF (Dkt. 36) Hair Flair Limited, Inc. 12/31/2014 6,647,989 (“Hair treatment device and method”) Dismissed with prejudice

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