Judge Hellerstein refused to stay case pending resolution of other cases involving the patents in suit

Intellectual Ventures I LLC, et al. v. Citigroup, Inc., et al.

Case Number: 1:14-cv-04638

Citigroup moved to stay this case, which involved five patents related to cyber security and the protection of customer payment information, while two other matters proceeded. The patents are 7,634,666; (“Crypto-engine for cryptographic processing of data”) 5,745,574 (“Security infrastructure for electronic transaction”); 6,819,271 (“Parallel compression and decompression system and method having multiple parallel compression and decompression engines”); 7,984,081 (“System and method for non-programmers to dynamically manage multiple sets of XML document data”) and 6,546,002 (“System and method for implementing an intelligent and mobile menu-interface agent”). The other matters are Intellectual Ventures II v. J.P. Morgan (which is also before Judge Hellerstein), where two of the patents are at issue, and Intellectual Ventures I v. Capital One, where the other three patents are at issue. An additional three patents are at issue in the J.P. Morgan and the Capital One matters.

Judge Hellerstein said that courts “are generally reluctant to stay proceedings out of concern for a plaintiff’s right to proceed with [its] case.” As only two of the patents in the instant suit are at issue in the Chase matter, and Citigroup has not agreed to be bound by adverse rulings, “it is far from clear whether, and to what degree, resolution of the issues in the Chase Matter could conserve the resources of the parties and the Court in the Citi Matter.” He stated that Citigroup has failed to show any burden on it other than the typical burden and cost of litigation.

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