Significant Dismissals Filed in August 2014

Case Number Plaintiff Defendant Document Date Patent #/Title Dismissal
1:11-cv-02365-KBF (Dkt. 199)

Microsoft Corporation

Datatern, Inc.


5,937,402 (“System for enabling access to a relational database from an object oriented program”);
6,101,502 (“Object model mapping and runtime engine for employing relational database with object oriented software”)

Dismissed with prejudice declaratory judgment challenge to the ’402 patent
1:14-cv-04297-PGG (Dkt. 9) Hutzler Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Christmas Tree Shops, Inc.


D538114 (“Onion container”); D553443 (“Container”);
D562082 (“Tomato keeper”);
D592463 (“Garlic container”)

Dismissed with prejudice

1:14-cv-02182-GHW (Dkt. 33) James S. Chizmar

CCL Industries Corp.;
Avery Products Corp.; Staples, Inc.


6,371,678 (“Loose-leaf binder”)

Dismissed with prejudice

1:14-cv-04800-LGS (Dkt. 12), Inc. The Debt Exchange, Inc. 08/28/2014

7,526,444 (“Integrated trading information processing and transmission system for exempt securities”);
7,877,319 (same); 8,694,418 (same)

Dismissed without prejudice
1:13-cv-07931-TPG (Dkt. 23)

Softlines International, LLC; Emjoi, Inc.

Beautyko USA, Inc.;
The Body Source; ABC Corp.


8,551,117 (“Handheld exfoliating device”)

Dismissed without prejudice with respect to defendant IVOG LLC

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