TMIF (Too Much Information, Folks) / Request To Limit Number Of References.

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Case Number: 1:13-cv-08229-KBF

In anticipation of an upcoming Markman ruling, and after Monster sent a recent Federal Circuit decision to Judge Forrest, Job Diva sent the court a letter stating that Monster’s new case in fact supports Job Diva’s position.

Judge Forrest responded with a hand-written order, stating: “OK all: The Court needs to have you folks stop the paper flow so that I can issue the Markman. Has everyone had their final say?”

In an earlier order this month, Judge Forrest denied plaintiff’s request that she order defendant to limit its invalidity argument to three references or combinations of references per claim. Instead, she ordered the parties to meet and confer within 48 hours, and she set a briefing schedule in case the parties cannot agree.

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