Complaints Filed September 2014

Date Filed: 9/2/2014
Case Number:
Plaintiff(s): GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB; GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corporation; General Electric Company
Defendant(s): Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Patent Number(s): 8,821,718 (“Automated fluid handling system”)
Accused Products:
Suite of protein purification systems, e.g., Next Generation Chromatography (“GC”) system
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 9/9/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-07275-CS
Plaintiff(s): iGuitar, Inc.
Defendant(s): Fender Musical Instruments Corporation
Patent Number(s): 7,241,948 (“Stringed musical instrument device”); 7,563,977 (same)
Accused Products: “Squier iOS Strat”; Squier USB Strat”
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 9/12/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-07448-AJN
Plaintiff(s): Blu Dot Design & Manufacturing, Inc.
Defendant(s): Idea Nuova, Inc
Patent Number(s): D711,151 (“Bungee chair”)
Accused Products: Chairs, including the “Marvel Spiderman Flex Chair” and the “Marvel Avengers Flex Chair”
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 9/18/2014
Case Number:
Plaintiff(s): Chia Yi Chin Jwu Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Defendant(s): Big Lots, Inc.
Patent Number(s): 6,332,646 (“Foldable chair frame”)
Accused Products: “Moon Chair”0
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 9/19/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-07616
Plaintiff(s): Sanford L.P. (d/b/a DYMO); DYMO B.V.B.A.
Defendant(s): Esselte AB; Esselte Leitz GMBH & Co. KG; Esselte Corporation
Patent Number(s): 5,658,083 (“Cassette for a thermal printer”); 5,826,995 (same); 6,152,623 (“Tape printing apparatus and tape holding cases”); 6,890,113 (“Tape printers”); 7,140,791 (“Vertical autosizing printing system”); 7,990,567 (Label printer)
Accused Products: Leitz Icon Printer and its Intelligent Label Cartridge
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 9/26/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-07798
Plaintiff(s): Straight Path IP Group, Inc.
Defendant(s): Verizon Communications, Inc.; Verizon Services Corp.; Verizon Business Network Services, Inc.
Patent Number(s): 6,108,704 (“Point-to-point internet protocol”); 6,701,365 (same); 6,131,121 (“Point-to-point computer network communication utility utilizing dynamically assigned network protocol addresses”)
Accused Products: Phones, servers and software used to perform voice over internet protocol e.g., Advanced Communications Products including “Unified Communications  and Collaboration”
Complaint (PDF)

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