Significant Dismissals Filed in October 2014

Case Number Plaintiff Defendant Document Date Patent #/Title Dismissal
1:13-cv-07905-JPO (Dkt. 55)

Skyllzone, LLC

BDL Penn Enterprises, LLC


8,366,551 (“Single player fantasy sports game”)

Dismissed with Prejudice
1:10-cv-02463-SAS (Dkt. 234) Medism Ltd. Bestmed, LLC 10/15/2014

6,280,397 (“High speed accurate temperature measuring device”); 7,597,668 (“Non-invasive temperature measurement”)

Dismissed with Prejudice

1:13-cv-06702-AJN (Dkt. 35) Conair Corporation Jarden Corporation,
et al.

5,473,972 (“Milk container attachment for cappucino (sic) maker”)

Dismissed with Prejudice

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