Complaints Filed in February 2014

Date Filed: 2/13/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-00929-JPO
Plaintiff(s): Aura Technologies, LLC
Defendant(s): Sketchers USA, Inc.
Patent Number(s): 6,751,891
Accused Products: Athletic shoes having coil springs, including; PistonZ; VoltZ; SKX; Mega Flex; Mega Flex Rocoiler
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 2/27/2014
Case Number: 7:14-cv-01294-NSR
Plaintiff(s): Kook-Jin Moon and Saeilo, Inc.
Defendant(s): Beretta U.S.A. Corporation
Patent Number(s): 5,502,914
Accused Product(s): Beretta BU9 Nano semi-automatic, striker fired, micro pistol
Complaint (PDF)

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