Significant Decisions/Orders Filed in May 2014

Cognex Corp. et al. v. Microscan Systems, Inc. et al.
Case Number: 1:13-cv-02027-JSR
Date: 5/1/2014
Document (Dkt. 202)

Jury finds willful infringement and $2.5M damages.  More >

JobDiva, Inc. v. Monster Worldwide, Inc.
Case Number: 1:13-cv-08229-KBF
Date: 5/2/2014
Document (Dkt. 37)

Judge Forest approves a half-day Markman hearing for 5–patent case. 
 More >

Realtime Data LLC v. CME Group, Inc. et al.
Case Number: 1:11-cv-06697-KBF
Date: 5/5/2014
Document (Dkt. 883)

Judge Forrest will delay considering counsel’s potential joint and several liability for fees and expenses.  More >

Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. et al. v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. et al.
Case Number: 1:12-cv-08060-GWG
Date: 5/5/2014
Document (Dkt. 68)

Judge Griesa orders parties to brief whether a patent prosecution bar prevents defense counsel from participating in an inter partes review.  More >

Times Three Clothier, LLC v. Spanx, Inc.
Case Number: 1:13-cv-02157-DLC
Date: 5/6/2014
Document (Dkt. 60)

Judge Cote strikes switched-up infringement contentions.  More >

Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Actavis, Inc., et al.
Case Number: 1:12-cv-08985-TPG
Date: 5/7/2014
Document (Dkt. 55)

Judicial efficiencies and economy support bifurcation of liability and damages at trial.
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Lumen View Technology, LLC v., Inc.
Case Number: 1:13-cv-03599-DLC
Date: 5/30/2014
Document (Dkt. 83 )

“This is a prototypical exceptional case” – fees and expenses will be awarded.  More >


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