Compelling Reasons Necessary to Support Redactions From a Publically Filed Settlement Agreement

Max Impact, LLC v. Sherwood Group, Inc.

Case Number: 1:09-cv-00902-JGK (Dkt.186)

Having settled their dispute by agreeing to enter into a settlement agreement, the parties asked the court if the agreement needed to be filed with the court in order to make it enforceable. Counsel requested permission to file the agreement under seal, but in the event that it would be enforceable without a filing, counsel stated that they would not file the agreement.

In response, Judge Koeltl ordered the full version of the settlement agreement to be filed under seal, as well as a redacted copy for the public record. As to the public filing, Judge Koeltl limited the parties’ redactions to only necessary matters, and ordered the parties to submit a letter to the court with compelling reasons justifying their desired redactions.

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