Significant Dismissals Filed in June 2014

Case Number Plaintiff Defendant Document Date Patent #/Title Dismissal
1:03-cv-03817 (Dkt. 286)

Enzo Biochem; Enzo Life Sciences. Inc.

PerkinElmer, Inc.; PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Inc. 6/23/2014

4,707,440 ("Nucleic acid hybridization assay and detectable molecules useful in such assay");
4,711,955 ("Modified nucleotides and methods of preparing and using same");
4,994,373 ("Method and structures employing chemically-labelled polynucleotide probes");
5,013,831 ("Detectable molecules, method of preparation and use");
5,175,269 ("Compound and detectable molecules having an oligo- or polynucleotide with modifiable reactive group");
5,241,060 ("Base moiety-labeled detectable nucleatide");
5,328,824 ("Methods of using labeled nucleotides");
5,449,767 ("Modified polynucleotides and methods of preparing same");
5,476,928 ("Modified nucleotides and polynucleotides and complexes from therefrom")

Dismissed with prejudice
1:12-cv-07734 (Dkt. 123) Joao Control & Monitoring Systems, LLC City of Yonkers, Vehicle Tracking Solutions, LLC 6/17/2014

5,917,405 (“Control apparatus and methods for vehicles”);
6,542,076 (“Control, monitoring and/or security apparatus and method”);
6,549,130 (“Control apparatus and method for vehicles and/or for premises”);
6,587,046 (“Monitoring apparatus and method”);
7,277,010 (same);
7,397,363 (“Control and/or monitoring apparatus and method”)

Dismissed with prejudice with respect to products/services provided by Vehicle Tracking Solutions, LLC

Dismissed without prejudices with respect to other claims of infringement
1:13-cv-00152 (Dkt. 140) Rates Technology Inc. Broadvox Holding Company, LLC et al. 6/09/2014

5,425,085 (“Least cost routing device for separate connection into phone line”);
5,519,769 (“Method and system for updating a call rating database”)

Dismissed as corporations may not appear pro se
1:13-cv-07551 (Dkt. 39) The Echo Design Group, Inc.

FTP Designs, LLC; Totes Isotoner Corp.


8,528,117 (“Gloves for touchscreen use”)

Dismissed without prejudice
1:14-cv-01453 (Dkt. 14) Bez Ambar, Inc.

Michael C. Fina Co., Inc..



Dismissed without prejudice
1:14-cv-03928 (Dkt. 6)

Gilead Sciences;

Emory University

Mylan, Inc.; Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


6,642,245 (“Antiviral activity and resolution of 2-hydroxymethyl-5-(5-fluorocytosin-1-yl)-1,3-oxathiolane”);
6,703,396 (“Method of resolution and antiviral activity of 1,3-oxathiolane nuclesoside enantiomers”)
8,592,397 (“Compositions and methods for combination antiviral therapy”)

Dismissed without prejudice

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