Claim Terms Construed by Judge McMahon, and Claim 9 Ruled Indefinite

Hockeyline, Inc. v. Stats LLC

Case Number: 1:13-cv-01446-CM (Dkt. 25)

Judge McMahon determined constructions for nine disputed claim terms of U.S. Patent No. 6,725,107, entitled “Electronic scorekeeping device and system therefor,” as follows. He also found one claim to be indefinite. Construction of one term was postponed for expert testimony.

Disputed Claim Term


“input means coupled to said processor for inputting data related to events of said sports game in real-time”

The court noted that defendant provided a definition of “said processor,” but that plaintiff had not made its construction obvious. The court gave plaintiff has ten days to provide an alternative definition.


“connected so as to permit the transfer of information.”

“in real time”

“as the events are occurring”

“display means coupled to said processor for facilitating the entry of such data by a user”

“displaying information that will make it easier for a user to enter for a user to enter real time data relating to the sporting event that is taking place.”

“information transfer means for transferring statistical information based on such inputted data to a central database via communication means”

“a means or device, like a modem or network interface card, for transferring statistical information that is generated from the real time data to a central data base. The transfer is accomplished over the Internet or some other type of wired or wireless communications network, like a public or private data network or a publicly switched telephone network”

“a plurality of hierarchical menu-based screens”

“I conclude that this term cannot be definitively defined for a lay jury without

reference to testimony about what one skilled in the art would understand it to mean,” so the parties must submit extrinsic evidence about the meaning of the phrase “hierarchical

menu-based screens” by January 17, 2014.

“desired data that is to be gathered for said sports game”

Plain meaning.

“the transfer of statistical information is performed automatically”

Plain and ordinary meaning. If necessary, “automatically” will be defined as “without any action by the user.”

“optionally provides” (claim 9)


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