REAL TALK: The Robins Kaplan Business Law Update by the Women of Business Litigation

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Real Talk: The Robins Kaplan Business Law Update, a newsletter created by professional women for professional women.  The purpose of the newsletter is to educate women in the legal and business communities about current events and pertinent topics affecting them on a daily basis, as well as to highlight the work of female business executives and attorneys.  Our hope is that the newsletter, as well as related events to be planned by its authors, will provide a platform for discussion of important developments and a forum for networking among professional women.  In our first issue, we introduce our interview series in which we spotlight the work, lives, career paths, and challenges facing high-level female executives today.  This quarter, we sat down with Sonia Jain, the chief financial officer of Redbox, and learned about her views on competition, effective cross-office communication, and the evolution of the CFO role over time.  Next we review a recent crackdown on discovery abuse by the Delaware Court of Chancery, explore the rise of cryptocurrency crime, and discuss recent case law interpreting the SEC’s Whistleblower Program created by the Dodd-Frank Act.   

Happy reading from the Robins Kaplan Women of Business Litigation!

In This Issue

  • The Delaware Chancery Court’s Zero-Tolerance Policy Toward Discovery Abuse
    Lisa Coyle and Shannon Rozell
    The Delaware Chancery Court’s Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster recently made clear the court’s zero-tolerance policy toward discovery abuse, which, he admonished, “has no place in [Delaware] courts[.]”

  • Interview with Sonia Jain, CFO of Redbox
    Reena Jain
    Sonia Jain joined Outerwall (former parent company of Redbox) in 2010 as the director of corporate finance and quickly advanced through the organization.

  • The Whistleblower Program Encourages Quantity Over Quality
    Sherli Furst and Valerie A. Stacey
    The SEC’s Whistleblower Program has been gaining momentum. Created by the Dodd-Frank Act, the program prompted over 4,400 tips in 2017 alone, up 50 percent from its 2012 numbers.

  • Cryptocurrency Crime on the Rise
    Carly Kessler and Jennifer Krein
    Cryptocurrency litigation continues to boom, with hackers on the rise, exposing a range of threats and unforeseen dangers. As James McDonald, enforcement director for the U.S.

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