Martin Lueck Featured as "Attorney of the Month" in Attorney at Law Magazine

Martin Lueck

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From its founding, Robins Kaplan LLP has been different from other law firms. In 1938, two law school classmates, Solly Robins and Julius Davis, were unable to find jobs with the other law firms in Minneapolis because they were Jewish. Undeterred by rampant antisemitism or the Great Depression, the two men started their own firm then called Robins & Davis. These historical roots have continued to grow into the values prized by the firm today including fearlessness, persistence in the face of adversity, and, of course, diversity of background and perspective. It is because of these values and characteristics that Robins Kaplan LLP is able to rewrite the odds in favor of its clients, often winning cases previously believed to be unwinnable. “Rewriting the Odds” is not an ordinary tagline. It is a mantra, a goal for every case, and a hunger that drives the firm’s attorneys to success. Read the full article to learn more.