Robins Kaplan Joins Wanton Injustice Legal Detail as a Founder

December 6, 2021

Wanton Injustice Legal Detail

Robins Kapan LLP is proud to join the Wanton Injustice Legal Detail (WILD), an affiliate non-profit organization to Twin Cities Diversity in Practice (TCDIP), as a founder.

WILD provides a platform through which volunteer attorneys within TCDIP can actively combat anti-Black racism and all forms of racism through direct support and partnerships with existing community organizations. By harnessing the collective expertise of TCDIP member organizations and volunteer attorneys, WILD seeks to amplify and support the work of community organizations across the Twin Cities to create a community free of all forms of racism. As a founder, Robins Kaplan will join WILD on the front lines of these efforts.

“Our firm’s support of WILD is an additional demonstration of our efforts to collaboratively address racism and foster equity, both in our organization and in our community,” said Rita Holmes-Bobo, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Find more information about WILD here.

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