Robins Kaplan LLP Announces Launch of Acumen: Ediscovery, Applied Science and Economics, and Litigation Support Solutions

August 9, 2021

Acumen Hero

Robins Kaplan is pleased to announce the launch of Acumen Powered by Robins Kaplan LLPTM, our suite of interdisciplinary professional services differentiated by our firm’s litigation focus and commitment to helping clients win what matters most.

With Acumen, Robins Kaplan combines over 80 years of trial experience with the expertise of Ph.D. scientists, engineers, financial and economic consultants, as well as dedicated Ediscovery professionals. Together, they leverage cutting-edge technologies to help clients increase efficiency, reduce costs, and develop specialized solutions to meet their business goals.

Acumen by Robins Kaplan LLP brings together under one banner a comprehensive suite of litigation-aligned professional services, some of which Robins Kaplan has offered to clients for over a decade, and others that reflect new or recently expanded offerings. This strategic consolidation streamlines litigation support for clients and poises the firm for greater efficiency, scale, and innovation. The full suite of services includes Ediscovery, Science and Engineering Advisors, Financial and Economic Consultants, Patent Analytics with Pinpoint IP®, Investigators, Research and Business Intelligence, and Trial and Multimedia Consultants.

“The launch of Acumen speaks to our identity as a national firm of trial lawyers and trusted business advisors,” said Ronald Schutz, Chair of the firm’s Executive Board. “Acumen enhances our core legal services, helping our clients gain a competitive edge in litigation, as well as in the markets where they operate.”

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