Robins Kaplan Honors Victims of Atlanta Shooting with Donation to Asian Americans Advancing Justice

March 25, 2021

The Robins Kaplan community condemns the recent senseless and evil acts of violence in Atlanta that took the lives of eight innocent fellow human beings (seven women, and six of Asian descent). Robins Kaplan condemns the ongoing attacks against people of Asian descent and stands against all forms of racism and hate directed violence.

But we have always believed that words are not enough in times like this. The work to drive towards a safe, just, fair, and inclusive society has to be a collective effort; therefore, we applaud the many people, firms and businesses that are committed to this endeavor. We also announce that Robins Kaplan is donating to Asian Americans Advancing Justice as we continue to stand together as a firm, committed to a just, fair, and inclusive society.

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