Robins Kaplan Named One of BTI’s “Most Feared Firms in Litigation”

September 30, 2020

Robins Kaplan LLP is pleased to announce that BTI has named the firm to its 2020 list of “Most Feared Law Firms in Litigation.” The recognition speaks to the talent and conviction of the firm’s attorneys, and to the firm’s skilled preparation in large, high-stakes litigation.

In preparing its list of “Most Feared” firms, BTI conducted open-ended interviews with general counsels and high-level executives at companies across the country and around the world. Firms that earned a place on the list were noted for their decisiveness, ingenuity, speed, and ability to adapt to new and changing circumstances. Opposing counsel often reassess their strategy when they see one of these “Most Feared” firms on the other side.

“We’re proud that the work we’ve done on behalf of our clients has earned us a place on this list,” said Ronald J. Schutz, chair of the Robins Kaplan Executive Board, “As a trial law firm, it’s a great honor to be recognized as one of the nation’s most feared firms. Our inclusion is a reflection of the world-class talent, tenacious representation, and depth of knowledge that our litigators demonstrate both in and out of the courtroom.”

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