Federal Circuit Upholds Jury Verdict in Favor of PCT International, Inc. in Patent Infringement Action Against Amphenol Subsidiary Holland Electronics

Rare Permanent Injunction Preserved, Prohibiting the Continued Sale of Infringing Products

August 18, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS, August 18, 2016—The Federal Circuit has summarily upheld a permanent injunction and jury verdict in favor of PCT International, Inc. finding that competitor Holland Electronics—a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation—infringed PCT’s coaxial cable connector patent.

National trial firm Robins Kaplan LLP® represented PCT in the four-week trial in federal district court in Phoenix, Arizona, which culminated in the jury’s verdict that 60 separate products sold by defendant Holland Electronics infringed PCT’s patent rights. The infringing products include Holland’s SLCU 6 series coaxial cable connector and connectors sold by Holland under the trade name Superlok.

The Federal Circuit’s ruling affirms U.S. District Judge Judge James A. Teilborg’s September 2015 decision to uphold the jury’s verdict on post-trial motions and grant a rare permanent injunction that prohibits Holland Electronics from further infringement for the life of the asserted patent. Holland Electronics was ordered to cease all sales of each of the 60 separate products found to infringe PCT’s patent rights.

“PCT is focused on innovation and product quality,” said Steve Youtsey, CEO of PCT, the Arizona-based manufacturer of products for broadband communication networks. “Today’s ruling supports our commitment to both.”

Christopher Larus, chair of Robins Kaplan’s Intellectual Property and Technology Litigation practice, led the team representing PCT in the four-week trial, during post-trial briefing, and in the appeal. “Our goal from the very start was to obtain a permanent injunction that would prohibit Holland’s continued sales of 60 infringing products,” said Larus. “The Federal Circuit’s decision to uphold this far-reaching injunction will help preserve PCT’s role as an innovator in the telecommunications industry.”

Robins Kaplan attorneys John Harting, Jamie Kurtz, and Bryan Mechell represented PCT at trial; Eric Magnuson,  Ryan Dornberger and Brenda Joly also assisted during the appeal.

The case, titled PCT International Incorporated v. Holland Electronics LLC, was heard before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The patent in dispute is United States Patent No. 6,042,422, titled “coaxial cable end connector crimped by axial compression.” Keith Beauchamp of Coppersmith Brockelman PLC served as co-counsel to PCT in the litigation.

About PCT International, Inc.

Founded in 1997 by Steve Youtsey, PCT International is a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer of last mile and access network solutions for broadband communication networks. PCT focuses on innovative and cost-effective solutions that allow service providers to improve system integrity and expand service offerings. PCT’s portfolio includes transmission, connectivity, metro Ethernet and Fiber to the Home products for cable, telco and satellite service providers. PCT’s collaborative approach to product development results in advances that simplify installation and maintenance; improve the integrity of HFC and fiber infrastructures; reduce truck rolls and other associated costs; and most importantly increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn. By working closely with customers’ field engineering personnel, we produce equipment and components that straightforwardly address real needs and enable operators to “Harden the Drop.” To learn more visit, pctcorporate.com.      

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