A (Computer) Chip On Their Shoulders

Robins Kaplan lawyers go to school to learn computer engineering — and end up with a landmark patent-infringement settlement on behalf of Intergraph Corp.

June/July 2005

Reprinted from the June/July 2005 issue of Minnesota Law & Politics magazine. ©2005 Key Professional Media, Inc. Reprinted with permission. All Rights Reserved.

Every morning millions of people arrive at their offices, cup of coffee in hand, and turn on their computers. Few, if any, think about the process that takes place within the computer enabling them to search the Internet, write a paper or download music. The speed with which computers can perform these functions is remarkable. But technology hasn't always been this fast. It took years and years of innovative thinking by computer scientists to enable the speed of today's machines. Just what was this process? Does anyone really understand the technology behind today's high-performing desktops?

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