$141 Million Settlement Reached Between Intergraph Corporation and Hewlett-Packard

January 24, 2005

Intergraph Corporation, represented by the firm, has reached a settlement agreement on all pending patent litigation with Hewlett-Packard Company, including the Company's OEM Clipper case. The terms of the settlement agreement include Hewlett-Packard paying Intergraph $141 million and the dismissal of all pending legal actions between Intergraph and Hewlett-Packard, as well as a cross-license to the other party's patent portfolio. This brings the total settlements to $396 million for Intergraph. Prior settlements were reached with Dell Inc. and Intel for $225 million. A settlement was reached with Gateway Inc. for $10 million and future royalties on Gateway and e-Machines Computer Systems sales. In addition, settlements were reached with IBM for $10 million and a cross license and with AMD for $10 million plus up to $5 million per year for three years.

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