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The Insurance Insight newsletter delivers practical content to help you navigate the current challenges and latest developments in the insurance industry. This newsletter is curated by the women of Robins Kaplan with the goal of celebrating women in the profession and exploring topics of general interest in the insurance field. 

Vol. 1, No. 2

Spring 2017

For our Spring installment of The Robins Kaplan Insurance Insight, we had the pleasure of sitting down with FM Global’s Maxine Walker to get her take on mentoring and supporting women in the insurance industry. Her teachings are echoed in this month’s article on the need for gender parity in corporate leadership. We also examine gender issues in our piece on non-binary thinking, its implications for employers, and the need for appropriate Employment Practices Liability Insurance coverage. This issue also reviews the latest court rulings on bad faith and flood coverage. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is now poised to consider whether the test for bad faith should include a separate “bad motive” requirement – a factor previously viewed as merely a discretionary consideration for courts. In our final article, we examine how catastrophic flood events worldwide have become increasingly common and why it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on Superstorm Sandy case developments.

We hope you enjoy this edition’s offerings and we welcome your feedback on topics and areas of interest for upcoming issues.

In This Issue

  • Follow the Leader
  • Gender Parity in Corporate Leadership: A Work in Progress
  • Binary Thinking During the Gender Revolution? You Might Need Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Considers Whether to Add a “Bad Motive” Element to Its Bad Faith Standard
  • Superstorm Sandy’s “Water Borne Material”: Renegade Boats and Displaced Houses—Oh My!
  • Robins Kaplan and FM Global Present on Superstorm Sandy at the 2017 PLRB Claims Conference in Boston

Christina M. Lincoln, MLIS


Co-Chair, Women of Robins Kaplan (WoRK) Resource Group
Pronouns: she/her

Melissa M. D'Alelio


Member of Executive Board
Chair, Insurance and Catastrophic Loss Group

The EEOC and an increasing number of courts are extending Title VII’s protection to LGBT employees, but the outcome of any given claim is still very uncertain. See how these claims are being handled by the courts and why their costs merit consideration of EPLI.
FM Global’s Maxine Walker on recognizing talent and embracing opportunity
Robins Kaplan’s Melissa D’Alelio partnered with FM Global’s Meredith Murphy to give a presentation titled “Superstorm Sandy: Reflecting Upon Her Teachings” at the 2017 PLRB Claims Conference & Insurance Services Expo.
As catastrophic flood events worldwide become increasingly common, it is important to keep an eye on Superstorm Sandy case developments. They are and will continue to be relevant in the property insurance coverage world. Recently, two courts had occasion to explore whether the phrase “water borne material” often found in surface water exclusions encompass careening watercrafts and rogue houses.
The seminal Terletsky decision setting the standard for bad faith liability in Pennsylvania is now under re-examination by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, who is considering whether to add “bad motive” as a prerequisite to proving bad faith. With oral arguments already submitted, insureds and insurers alike are eagerly awaiting the Court’s decision.

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