Putting Down the Shield and Picking Up the Sword: Generating Value from Patents in an Economic Downturn

Minnesota IP Law Association (MIPLA)

August 4, 2020


Cyrus A. Morton


Chair, Patent Office Trials Group;
Member of Executive Board

Right now, in-house counsel have the unprecedented opportunity to drive revenue for their businesses and demonstrate their value to executive leadership and investors alike. Trial lawyers Aaron R. Fahrenkrog, Alyssa N. Lawson, and Cyrus A. Morton demonstrated, with an informative and entertaining presentation, why now is the time to 1) generate value from patent portfolios and 2) take advantage of what has been deemed the best time in the history of the PTAB. Participants learned why the economic downturn should encourage companies to harvest value from their patent portfolio. Our attorneys draw on their experience deriving value for clients through licensing, settlements, and verdicts; including one nine-figure settlement that proved vital to a Fortune 500 company in the last recession. Participants also learned why the PTAB, “a death squad no more,” has never been better for innovative corporations, universities, and individual inventors alike.

Aaron R. Fahrenkrog, Alyssa N. Lawson, and Cyrus A. Morton are experienced trial lawyers at Robins Kaplan LLP where they help clients protect innovation and effectively evaluate and generate value from IP portfolios.