What’s Next?! Asserting Lease Rights When You Close Stores for COVID-19

National Retail Tenants Association

March 25, 2020


Michael A. Geibelson


Managing Partner, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley Offices

Anne M. Lockner


Member of the Executive Board
Pronouns: she/her

David Martinez


Member of the Executive Board;
Pro Bono Chair, Los Angeles Office;
Member of the Firm's Diversity Committee

Duration: One hour

Scores of retailers have closed stores, reduced hours, changed business models overnight, and continue to generally mull how to deal with employee and customer safety and health issues. Governments are imposing a patchwork of new rules and restrictions that directly impact your ability to do business. In "What’s Next?! Asserting Lease Rights When You Close Stores for COVID-19," three experienced retail practitioners who represent tenants will discuss (1) the seldom-used legal principles that are rearing their head in these unprecedented circumstances, (2) strategies for dealing with landlords who are unlikely to roll over when tenants refuse to pay rent and expenses, and (3) the steps to take now to maximize the protection of tenants’ rights.

Michael A. Geibelson, Anne M. Lockner, and David Martinez are partners at Robins Kaplan LLP. They represent retailers in a wide range of commercial disputes, including those arising from the interpretation and performance of leases.