Thoughts on Mediation from Two Experienced T&E Litigators Who Have Seen a Few Things

May 30, 2018


Often considered a silver bullet in the context of traditional litigation, mediation can be an excellent tool for resolving most legal disputes. Not all types of matters are the same, however, as those who practice trusts and estates litigation know well. Trusts and estates disputes involve some unique challenges that, if not accounted for, can provide significant obstacles to success. 

In this webinar, Lawrence Farese of Robins Kaplan LLP and Rod Mason of Mason & Helmers will share their observations, advice, and a few good war stories. Farese and Mason, who together have more than 80 years of litigation experience, will discuss in depth how to think about mediation issues involving money, love, power, and control, as well as settling old scores that may go back decades. Moderated by Denise Rahne of Robins Kaplan, this webinar follows Farese and Mason's joint interview on the same topic, which was published in the Robins Kaplan Spotlight – Vol. 3, No. 1.