Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Deciding Whether to Participate in or Opt-Out of a Class Action

May 15, 2018


While corporations often share the goals of increasing revenue and maximizing profitability, many businesses neglect an obscure but profitable revenue stream: recoveries from antitrust class action settlements. Companies routinely receive notice of these settlements, but such notices are all too often discarded based on the mistaken belief that the amount of time and effort to file a claim exceeds the amount of any potential recovery.

The question of whether to remain in a class action or pursue an opt-out case is often quite complicated; each path is replete with potential challenges and benefits. Yet surprisingly, few companies are familiar enough with the class action process to properly weigh their options.

In this webinar, Principal at Robins Kaplan LLP William Reiss, and Senior Corporate Counsel at Best Buy Dawn Rausch will discuss how companies can identify and analyze potential antitrust claims, and provide insight into the critical decision of whether a company should participate in a class action, or opt-out to pursue its claims individually.

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