Keeping What is Yours Yours

Best Practices for Software Companies to Protect Their "Secret Sauce"

February 9, 2016


Ryan M. Schultz


Pronouns: he/him

In today’s fast paced, if not neck-breaking, speed at which advancements in software development and platforms occur, one issue facing software companies is how to keep their competitors from obtaining the "secret sauce."  The protections available under patent law for software innovations has been significantly undercut by the Supreme Court’s decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Int’l.  Yet, all hope is not lost.  This webinar will provide insight and best practices into how software companies can utilize other intellectual property protections to keep the advantage over their competitors, such as copyright and trade secret protections.  In addition, this webinar will discuss the potential impact of the current version of the Defend Trade Secrets Act making its way through Congress.

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