Kathryn Neuman, RN


Kathryn Neuman, RN

Legal Nurse Consultant



I believe the role of a nurse is to help people with whatever their needs are at a particular time - before, during, or after a health related event.

For 17 years I was a nurse at Regions Hospital (formerly St. Paul Ramsey Hospital) delivering direct care at the moment it was needed.  This included everything from psychiatry to burns to pediatrics, to trauma.  I then spent time as a pharmaceutical clinical research coordinator, gaining knowledge of the process, and its limitations, of the development of drugs prior to their FDA approval and marketing to the general public.  Since joining Robins Kaplan LLP in 2000, I have been able to help people after they have experienced difficulties related to a drug, implanted medical product, or health care they have received.  Sometimes it is to work as a team with attorneys to take action, other times it is to explain and make sense of the events.

I make a point to stay informed of new developments in drugs and medical products, such as recalls and FDA actions.  In addition to my broad knowledge base, I have in-depth experience in orthopedic implants.  I believe knowledge is power and I am proud and passionate to help those who have been injured to continue on their journey toward healing.


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