Carrie Jenkins, BAN, R.N., OCN, CCM


Carrie Jenkins, BAN, R.N., OCN, CCM

Medical Analyst


It has been an honor to spend much of my nursing career caring for children and families impacted by cancer or the need for transplant. I practiced adult and pediatric oncology care in Phoenix, Arizona before specializing in stem cell transplant care at Phoenix Children's Hospital. From there I transitioned to complex case management, which allowed me support people with complicated medical needs through a long-term working relationship. I also have extensive experience as a RN Education Specialist, which focuses on providing nurses with the ongoing education they need to stay up to date in their practice.  I am passionate about medical research and staying current with the rapidly changing healthcare system.

My role as a nurse is to advocate for vulnerable people while they navigate health challenges. It is a privilege to work alongside clients as they seek to heal from injury and illness and return to enjoying their lives.