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We know Manufacturing. From design to product distribution, we help clients recognize, minimize, and avoid the legal risks unique to each stage of the manufacturing process. We have partnered with our industry clients for decades, resolving everything from large-scale disasters to product recalls and retrofit—as well as intellectual property disputes, compliance, and regulatory concerns. Our proactive legal strategies help clients prevent potential problems and guide best practices if and when trouble occurs. Because industrial accidents, injuries, and property damage claims demand an urgent, real-time response, we have built an extraordinary network of experts we can call upon 24/7. Additionally, our attorneys excel at protecting manufacturing innovations and shielding manufacturers from unfair competition, especially in times of increased employee mobility. This all-in, boots-on-the-ground readiness helps our clients dismantle legal obstacles and keep their business in production.

Manufacturing Experience

Manufacturer’s Liability
  • Class action and product liability defense
  • Explosions, fires, and industrial accidents
  • Large-scale disasters
  • Liability prevention and investigation programs
  • Product failures
  • Recalls and retrofits
  • Third-party indemnity pursuit

Helping prevent, investigate, manage, and defend product liability litigation

Business Litigation
  • Arbitrations and appeals
  • Distributor disputes
  • Franchise and dealership disputes
  • General commercial litigation
  • Global business and technology sourcing
  • Restructuring and business bankruptcy

An impressive track record of resolving complex legal and business challenges

Antitrust and Trade Regulation
  • Complex claim defense
  • Plaintiff pursuit of suppliers’ cartels
  • Class action representations
  • FTC representations

Innovative and sophisticated antitrust counseling and litigation representation

Privacy and Cyber Security Litigation
  • Data breach insurance claims and coverage
  • Data security counseling and advice
  • Defense of statute-based privacy class actions
  • Privacy rights protection

Trial-proven tactics that enable an aggressive, rapid response to information privacy law and cyber security law challenges

Corporate Compliance and Ethics
  • Anticorruption and FCPA counsel
  • Internal investigations
  • Program creation
  • Training program creation and supervision

Delivering the critical components needed to make compliance programs work

  • Contamination issues
  • Contractual and shareholder concerns
  • Production rights acquisition
  • Reputation management

Helping clients anticipate, manage, and resolve water issues impacting business operations and objectives

Patent Litigation
  • General and high-tech infringement disputes
  • Patent protection and monetization
  • Infringement defense
  • NPE management
  • International Trade Commission proceedings
  • PTAB trials
  • Federal Circuit advocacy and guidance

Trial-born knowledge of patent infringement recovery, patent litigation defense, and key industry technologies

  • Patent litigation
  • Copyright litigation
  • Trade secret litigation
  • IP monetization

Significant experience solving semiconductor litigation disputes and monetizing semiconductor and industry-related IP investments

3D Printing
  • IP rights counseling and litigation

Combining extensive intellectual property counseling and litigation experience with the specific technical depth demanded by 3D printing legal issues

Trade Secret
  • Litigation—claim assertion and defense
  • Counseling
  • Industry-specific strategies for claim avoidance
  • Employee, partner, and supplier confidentiality agreements

Safeguarding clients’ proprietary information and processes through all stages of litigation

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Manufacturing Case Results

Antitrust and Trade Regulation
Domestic and International Arbitration
Industrial Disasters
Manufacturer’s Defense
Patent Litigation
Restructuring and Bankruptcy
Trade Secret

Manufacturing Resources


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October 30, 2015

When can a company tout its products as "Made in the USA"? Different (sometimes conflicting) standards under federal and state law can make it difficult for manufacturers and retailers to know when it’s safe to label their products as American-made.


May 20, 2016

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July 13, 2015

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