When seeking a better tomorrow, you need look no further than the children of today.

A society’s sustainability is reliant on the success of its children. So it behooves every member of society to provide its children with the tools they need to not only find the path to success but remain on it until they can take the reins for themselves.

The Foundation for Children was founded by the firm in 1998 to serve as a catalyst for creative, innovative and systems-changing programs to achieve a long-term impact in promoting education and equal opportunities for all Minnesotans.

In short: we sought to take care of the people who will one day take care of everything.

Since its formation, the Foundation for Children has awarded more than $23 million in grants to support a variety of organizations that serve Minnesota children. From schools with the proven drive to educate low-income children to neighborhood-based education initiatives that provide families with 360-degree support, we’re proud to support organizations that help children on the path to college, careers, and lives that will one day guide our society to greater things.

Minnesota’s future depends on the work we do today to close the opportunity gaps that divide our community. We seek to give our kids more than a chance.

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