Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Begins at the Top.

In 1999, Robins Kaplan LLP established a formal Diversity Committee. The formation of this committee was the result of the Executive Board's recognition of the need for a structural mechanism to address the myriad issues facing attorneys of diverse backgrounds. The Diversity Committee includes members from the firm’s highest leadership levels, and has three subcommittees – the Gender Diversity Working Group, the Racial and Ethnic Diversity Working Group, and the LGBT Resource Group. Each group functions to connect firm members to each other, provide a firm contact for prospective employees, and to suggest and assist with the firm’s diversity initiatives.

Leaders Engaged in the Advancement of Diversity (LEAD) 

In May 2015, the firm’s Executive Board adopted the innovative Leaders Engaged in the Advancement of Diversity (LEAD) Initiative empowering firm leaders to take ownership of diversity by appointing a Diversity Champion on the Board, formulating a written plan to better ingrain diversity in hiring and advancement decisions, and requiring regular reports from each area of the firm to the Board.

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