Teachable Moments

In 2006, we began hosting a periodic series called Teachable Moments. During each session, partners talk about particular cases or business issues they have faced with the objective of sharing their stories and teaching us through their learnings/experience.  We have since hosted 36 Teachable Moments luncheons.

Here is just a small sampling of past presentations:

  • Surprise and Drama: Murder, Theft, and Patents
  • Lessons from GE: We Bring Lawsuits to Light
  • Producing the Smoking Gun in Blind Cross Examination: Flop Sweat in the Courtroom
  • Yippiekayah…A Modern Day Trial in Coquille, OR
  • Winning the Jury – The Power of Reinvention, Repetition, and Readiness
  • Legal Lessons One Can Learn from the Movie, "The Godfather"