Eminent domain—the act of taking private land by the government for public use—creates multiple problems for landowners. At best, it makes individual landowners feel powerless. At worst, the taking can arise from inappropriate or unfair causes. While in most cases a landowner cannot prevent the government from acquiring their land, the landowner still has the right to just compensation and should engage a professional and experienced legal team early in the process to seek full compensation under the law. At Robins Kaplan LLP, our eminent domain attorneys have extensive knowledge and understanding of the eminent domain process. Our experience includes all stages of the process from initial planning and acquisition procedures to litigation, if needed, and ultimately resolution. We work hard to resolve potential eminent domain disputes at the earliest stage possible and promote mediation and settlement when appropriate. Our eminent domain lawyers are experienced in government and construction law, offering clients the added advantage of understanding governmental processes, as well as design and construction issues related to property takings. We work closely with property and business appraisers, construction personnel, traffic engineers, land planners, economists, accountants, and other experts in determining the value of the claim and the best strategy for obtaining compensation for our clients.

Our firm is dedicated to helping landowners receive the just compensation they deserve under eminent domain law. To contact one of our experienced attorneys, call 800.492.3646