Judge Forrest Will Delay Considering Counsel’s Potential Joint and Several Liability For Fees and Expenses

Realtime Data LLC v. CME Group, Inc. et al.

Case Number: 1:11-cv-06697-KBF (Dkt. 883)

Following defendants’ wins at summary judgment, and at the Federal Circuit, one defendant, CME Group, Inc. et al., moved for attorney’s fees and expenses in three categories: (1) litigation following the Markman hearing through summary judgment, (2) litigation over plaintiff’s privilege log, and (3) litigating the request for fees. Further, CME requested that plaintiff’s counsel be held liable jointly and severally with plaintiff. Plaintiff’s counsel asked the court to determine whether there was any liability before deciding that the liability was joint and several, because otherwise a conflict between plaintiff and its counsel would arise. The court agreed to plaintiff’s request.

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