Complaints Filed March 2014

Date Filed: 3/3/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-01397-VSB
Plaintiff(s): KeraMed, Inc.
Defendant(s): Network Medical Products Ltd.; Coronet Medical Technologies Ltd.; Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; and Surgical Specialties Corp.
Patent Number(s): 8,029,515
Accused Products: ENDOGLIDE products (ophthalmic surgery instruments)
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/4/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-01482-JPO
Plaintiff(s): Best Brands Consumer Products Inc.
Defendant(s): Funky Rico, Inc.
Patent Number(s): D669,462
Accused Products: Handibot Handyman Cell Phone Holder (Product named in declaratory judgement action)
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/10/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-01619-ER
Plaintiff(s): Laerdal Medical Corporation and Laerdal Medical A/S v. Emergency Medical International, Inc.
Defendant(s): Emergency Medical International, Inc. and Chief Supply Corporation
Patent Number(s): 5,795,315;
Accused Products: Immobilizer cervical collar
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/11/2014
Case Number: 7:14-cv-01650-KMK
Plaintiff(s): Regeneration Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Defendant(s): Merus B.V.
Patent Number(s): 8,502,018
Accused Products: MeMo mouse (genetically-modified mouse), related products and technologies.
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/11/2014
Case Number: 7:14-cv-01651-CS
Plaintiff(s): Regeneration Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Defendant(s): Ablexis LLC
Patent Number(s): 8,502,018
Accused Products: AlivaMab mouse (genetically-modified mouse)
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/12/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-01704-JGK
Plaintiff(s): Laserdynamics LLC
Defendant(s): Alco Electronics Ltd.; Alco Electronics Inc.; and Alco Holdings Ltd.
Patent Number(s): 5,587,981
Accused Products: DVD/Blu-Ray players, under brandnames RCA, Venturer, Durabrand, Audiovax, and Trutech
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/12/2014
Case Number: 7:14-cv-01713-KMK
Plaintiff(s): Ball Chain Manufacturing Co.
Defendant(s): Bison Designs, LLC
Patent Number(s): D454,054; D447,681; D465,993; D447,932; D487,014; D449,500
Accused Products: Carabiners and a bottle opener (products named in declaratory judgement)
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/13/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-01743-LGS
Plaintiff(s): Hunter Douglas, Inc.
Defendant(s): Kohl's Corporation; Welcome Industrial Corp.
Patent Number(s): 6,129,131
Accused Products: Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades (window covering product)
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/14/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-01777-KBF
Plaintiff(s): Direxion Shares, ETF Trust
Defendant(s): Leveraged Innovations LLC
Patent Number(s): 7,698,192; 7,917,422; 8,204,815
Accused Products: Index exchanged-traded funds (product named in declaratory judgment complaint)
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/17/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-01831-PAE
Plaintiff(s): Pfizer Inc., Pfizer Limited, and Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals
Defendant(s): Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited and Torrent Pharma Inc.
Patent Number(s): 6,469,012
Accused Products: Generic version of Viagra(R)
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/18/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-01869-ALC
Plaintiff(s): Idea Nuova, Inc.
Defendant(s): Tween Brands, Inc. (d/b/a Justice)
Patent Number(s): 7,967,374
Accused Products: foldable chair
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/19/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-01924-LTS
Plaintiff(s): Frederick Terry Glynn; Gery Sampere; Julien Nievess
Defendant(s): Phillip Troy Christy; Air Bak Technologies, LLC; Air Bak Technologies Corp.
Patent Number(s): 7,631,792; Pat. Pub. 2020085804 (inventorship); Pat. Pub. 20130075438 (inventorship)
Accused Products: Air bladder valve and fill designs and systems
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/28/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-02181-PKC
Plaintiff(s): James S. Chizmar
Defendant(s): Acco Brands Corp. and Staples, Inc
Patent Number(s): 7,347,640 8,277,140
Accused Products: Loose-leaf binder (Mead(R) Five Star Flex(R))
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/28/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-02182-GHW
Plaintiff(s): James S. Chizmar
Defendant(s): CCL Industries Corp., Avery Products Corp., and Staples, Inc.
Patent Number(s): 6,371,678
Accused Products: Loose-leaf binder (Avery(R) Flip Back(R) series)
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/28/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-02220-UA
Plaintiff(s): JDS Therapeutics, LLC and Nutrition 21, LLC
Defendant(s): Church & Dwight, Co., Inc.
Patent Number(s): 5,948,772; 6,136,317; 6,251,889; 6,143,301; RE39,480
Accused Products: Vitafusion products (multivitamins/dietary supplements)
Complaint (PDF)

Date Filed: 3/31/2014
Case Number: 1:14-cv-02256-UA
Plaintiff(s): Celltrion Healthcare Co., Ltd., and Celltrion, Inc.
Defendant(s): Kennedy Trust for Rheumatology Research (formerly known as The Mathilda and Terence Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology Trust)
Patent Number(s): 7,846,442; 8,298,537; 8,383,120
Accused Products: Remsima(R) (product named in declaratory judgment) (a biosimilar)
Complaint (PDF)

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