Partners in Ending the Poverty Cycle

We work with the Jeremiah Program to end the cycle of poverty for mothers and children. Jeremiah Program is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform families from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time. It provides single mothers with support for a career-track college education, safe and affordable housing, empowerment and life skills training, and quality early childhood education.

Beginning in 2012, Robins Kaplan became the dedicated legal provider for the Jeremiah Program to deepen the services and help eliminate legal barriers to success for Jeremiah Program families. Robins Kaplan attorneys provide a responsive “wrap-around” legal services model that matches legal and non-legal resources to the needs of Jeremiah’s participants. Attorneys accept full representation cases and hold every-other-month, in-person clinics where participants receive legal assistance in a variety of legal area, including custody issues, child support, wills, orders for protection, expungement, and other legal services. The firm collaborates extensively with Jeremiah staff to identify needs, tailor representation, and provide follow-up. Attorneys get to know moms, their children, and their life goals. In addition, attorneys hold information sessions for Jeremiah residents and staff on common family law and estate planning issues.