Privacy and Cyber Security Litigation

Resolving high-risk data disclosures and breaches requires fluency in both data privacy law and technology. At Robins Kaplan LLP, our data privacy and cyber security litigation attorneys help clients recoup losses from data breaches and overcome allegations of inappropriate data use. Our attorneys have an arsenal of trial-proven tactics that enable an aggressive, rapid response to information privacy law and cyber security law challenges. We have successfully litigated cases involving the technologies present in data protection and collection cases, and we have a detailed understanding of the multiple environments where critical data lives. We also know the evolving and often contradictory array of local, national, and international rules that control information privacy law and cyber security law.

Additionally, our in-house Ediscovery practice offers our clients solutions for managing the intersection of information security law and discovery demands. We use these resources and our experience to analyze, communicate, and litigate the law and computer systems that drive data disputes.