Litigation Support Services

As trial lawyers, we understand that planning and executing a litigation strategy is a team effort. Over the past 80 years, Robins Kaplan has developed a robust group of in-house litigation support professionals prepared to assist our trial teams and clients with a range of services. From technical analysis by Ph.D. scientists to cutting-edge technology solutions to opinions from experienced medical professionals, our litigation support services help our legal teams provide the best possible client service.

  • Financial and Economic Consultants – Our financial and economic consultants complement the firm’s legal teams with experts in accounting, financial analysis, economic valuations and econometrics.
  • Investigative Services – Our investigators know how to document, preserve, and present critical, legally-admissible information from the loss scene to the courtroom. 
  • Medical Professionals – Our medical professionals brings a wealth of individual, hands-on practical experience to support our clients.
  • Science Advisors – Our team of Ph.D. scientists help our trial groups stay at the forefront of technology and the fast-evolving IP litigation landscape.
  • Trial Support – Our Trial Support Group provides the design and creative expertise needed to best present a case to a jury.

Litigation Support Services

Shelley R. Gilliss, Ph.D.

Chief Business Intelligence Officer

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