Terry L. Wade and Firm Named Millenium Lawyer and Law Firm

Minneapolis partner Terry L. Wade was awarded the Millennium Lawyer Award at the Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS) Millennium Awards Luncheon which celebrated ten years of the Campaign for Legal Aid. The event was held on November 21, 2000 at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel in St. Paul. Terry was given the award in recognition of his many:

[E]xtraordinary and creative contributions made to the Campaign for Legal Aid as a leader of the Urban Campaign Committee and New Markets Committee of the campaign, and with appreciation for dedicated commitment to providing access to justice for the disadvantaged in our community. Terry was recruited as a volunteer for the Campaign for Legal Aid in January 1993, and no one has surpassed him in his determination to bring financial support to the Campaign and legal services in the State of Minnesota.

In addition, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, L.L.P. was named a Millennium Law Firm for its "demonstrated leadership and commitment in providing access to the justice system for those unable to afford counsel, for the many contributions of its attorneys to Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services and to the Campaign for Legal Aid, and for the firm's early and continuing strong support of the campaign for legal aid and of legal services throughout the State of Minnesota."

SMRLS has the reputation for being one of the most effective, high quality and innovative legal services programs in the county. Each year hundreds of individuals and families who would otherwise be unable to obtain legal help gain access to the justice system because of annual contributions to SMRLS. It is the organization which has been the primary source for legal assistance to the disadvantaged in Ramsey County. SMRLS provides critical civil legal services to low-income person in 33 counties in southern Minnesota and to migrant workers throughout Minnesota and North Dakota.

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Being named to the list or receiving the award is not intended and should not be viewed as comparative to other lawyers or to create an expectation about results that might be achieved in a future matter.