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We know Financial Markets. Working across multiple financial products and platforms, we defend the investment community’s right to be treated fairly. Our experience is not only from the plaintiff-investor perspective. We also represent one of America’s largest banks, a Fortune 100 company, and other financial institutions as plaintiffs and defendants in important financial industry cases. We bring innovative strategies and courtroom-earned foresight to complex investment disputes. In-house forensics help us unmask and pursue perceived financial inequalities in the marketplace. They also power our unique approach and data-driven methodologies for damages valuation. No matter the financial market or forum rules, our expansive litigation experience and passion for precision seeks to ensure that only pure market forces dictate our client’s fortunes. 

Financial Experience

Market Manipulation
  • Investment bank illegal conduct
  • Commodity market manipulation

Helping clients balance ongoing relationships with their responsibilities to pursue legitimate claims

Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Bank investment fund liability

Recovering losses involving fiduciary responsibilities

Antitrust and Trade Regulation
  • Anticompetitive default swaps
  • Shareholder class action

Innovative and sophisticated antitrust counseling and litigation representation

  • Residential mortgage-backed securities debt
  • ’33 and ’34 Act claims
  • Consumer protection claims
  • State Blue Sky laws
  • Investment manager fraud

Multiple successes litigating claims involving deception and misrepresentation across multiple markets

Restructuring and Business Bankruptcy
  • Acquisition/sales
  • Committee representation
  • Creditor representation
  • Debtor representation
  • Restructuring and workout

Representing creditors, debtors, and other constituents in complex restructuring and business bankruptcy cases

Estate and Trust
  • Will/probate contests
  • Contested conservatorship matters
  • Contested guardianship matters
  • Fiduciary litigation
  • Trust-related commercial disputes

Resolving estate, trust, and fiduciary disputes through litigation excellence and subject-matter mastery

  • Credit default swaps
  • Futures
  • Interest-rate swaps
  • Option

  • Common and preferred equity
  • Fixed-income instruments

Structured Financial Instruments
  • Residential mortgage-backed securities
  • Collateralized debt obligations
  • Asset-backed securities
  • Structured investment vehicles
  • Other arbitraged investment vehicles

  • Cheese
  • Cotton
  • Fuels
  • Oil

Extensive experience litigating a wide range of complex financial instruments

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Financial Case Results

Fraud/Asset Recovery
Restructuring and Bankruptcy
Structured Finance

Financial Resources


January 9, 2017

Robins Kaplan LLP secured a victory this week on behalf of three California businessmen who had been accused of violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.


May 23, 2016

With the junk bond market having posted its first annual loss since 2008, investors want their money back and they are slowly finding out that it won’t be as simple as they had hoped.


October 20, 2016

If collectible assets become moving targets, they must be tracked and monitored well in advance of acquiring a judgment and acting upon it.


May 2016

In a persistently low-interest rate environment, investors have been scrambling for high-yield opportunities across a variety of asset classes.