Fiesta Bowl Internal Investigation

Lead counsel representing an independent three-member Special Committee of the Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors, formed to investigate allegations that the Fiesta Bowl had 1) reimbursed employees for campaign contributions, 2) that a prior investigation had covered up criminal conduct, and 3) that the Fiesta Bowl had made numerous other improper expenditures. Our five-month investigation included 87 interviews of 52 individuals and the review of 55 gigabytes of electronic data and more than 10,000 additional hard copy documents. Our investigation culminated in a 276-page Final Report with 1,562 footnotes and thousands of additional pages of supporting schedules and spreadsheets. The Final Report received widespread praise, including:

  • The Arizona Republic's Editorial Board: “the unflaggingly candid 276-page report released by the Fiesta Bowl itself, … exposed all those ugly warts."
  • A leading legal commentator stated: "Any lawyer or other person asked to lead a special investigation centered on wrongdoing of the type that now surrounds the Fiesta Bowl should read… [Robin Kaplan’s] report first."
  • Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne called the report "comprehensive."
  • The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Task Force -- a Task Force that was created to review the Fiesta Bowl's conduct and our Report -- called our investigation "exceedingly thorough" and noted that had the Special Committee not produced such a "thorough and open report" the Task Force "almost certainly would have recommended termination of the BCS Groups' involvement with the Fiesta Bowl."
  • NCAA President Mark Emmert stated that "The [Fiesta Bowl] special report was obviously extremely detailed and outlined behaviors none of us would be supportive of and I think the board was forthright in putting all that information before the various bodies."
  • Sports Illustrated's Austin Murphy noted that the Special Committee's investigation (in contrast to an earlier investigation) was "decidedly not a whitewash."

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