Changing the world, one status quo at a time

It often takes a heroic effort to change the status quo. The energy and determination it takes to create true change, whether on a personal level or on a grander scale, is worth celebrating.

Our annual Summary of Sharing is about recognizing and supporting the heroic efforts of those people and organizations who work to disrupt the status quo. On the following pages, you’ll find stories of heroes; of people who could have settled for their lots in life, but instead chose to not live on others’ terms. They chose to go out and do something to improve their personal situations and, more importantly, to make the world a better place for others.

A family who, after a devastating experience with Alzheimer’s disease, said “No more!”

An athlete who wouldn’t let cancer or the amputation of her dominant arm keep her from competing at the highest level.

A young woman who refused to let her troubled upbringing dictate her outlook on life.

A student who overcame systematic obstacles to graduate from college with plans to change the system for people from underserved communities.

A teacher who strives to bring the arts and creative thinking to children who might otherwise miss out.

At Robins Kaplan, we believe in the power of community service. Even one dedicated person can change a life, and we’re lucky to be in a position to help those who dedicate so much time to changing lives. We’re proud to employ hundreds of passionate people who, through pro bono work, financial contributions, time donations, board service and mentorship, do everything in their power to make the world a just and safe place. To shatter the status quo for those in need. 

The theme of this year’s Summary of Sharing is “Status Go.” It’s about going out and making the world a better place. We hope you’ll find inspiration in these stories and go shatter the status quo in your own way.

Martin R. Lueck
Chairman, Executive Board