Diversity Recruiting

Summer Associate Program

Robins Kaplan LLP has made a serious commitment to the recruitment of attorneys of color.  One way this commitment can be seen is in the composition of our summer associate classes.  Since 2002 the average of summer associates of color has been 38% of the total summer associate class.  In 2008, we hired 25 summer associates.  44% are summer associates of color and 60% of them are women.  We are further dedicated to recruiting individuals from the LGBT communities and have actively participated in Lavender Law's annual career fair.  Learn more about our Summer Associate Program by clicking here.

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice

Robins Kaplan LLP is one of the incorporating law firms for the formation of the Twin Cities Diversity in Practice.  The mission of Twin Cities Diversity in Practice is to accelerate the efforts of its members to identify, recruit, advance and retain lawyers of color in Minnesota's legal community.  Twin Cities Diversity in Practice is also dedicated to promoting the Twin Cities as a good place for lawyers of color to develop professionally and personally. 

Robins Kaplan LLP is also a member of The Boston Lawyers Group - a Massachusetts organization on which Twin Cities Diversity in Practice is modeled.

Diversity Clerkships

Robins Kaplan LLP takes seriously the need to invest in our future.  In support of that commitment, we have participated in clerkship programs including the following:

  • MN Bar Clerkship Program
  • University of Wisconsin 1L Program
  • Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Clerkship

Through the Robins Kaplan LLP Private Foundation and the Robins Kaplan LLP Foundation for Children, we also sponsor a variety of early education efforts and social programs.

Diversity Recruiting Efforts

Robins Kaplan LLP has participated in the following diversity recruiting efforts (past and present):

  • Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO) Job Fair
  • Cook County Job Fair
  • Howard University School of Law
  • Lavender Law Career Fair
  • Minnesota 1L Minority Clerkship Program
  • Minnesota Minority Recruitment Conference
  • Southeastern Minority Job Fair
  • State Bar of Wisconsin 1L Diversity Clerkship Program
  • Twin Cities Diversity in Practice 1L Summer Rotation Clerkship
  • Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Flying Squads
  • Twin Cities Diversity in Practice Pathways Program

To learn about more diversity efforts, click here.