Our Commitment to Diversity

Diversity is how we see. It isn't just how we look.®  At Robins Kaplan LLP diversity is a core value.  Our commitment to diversity has been constantly renewed and revitalized by succeeding generations of our members since the founding of our firm in 1938 and it is affirmed and incorporated in all areas of our firm.  We are committed to advancing diversity through action by ensuring that fairness, respect and professional opportunity for everyone at our firm remains integral to all of our recruiting, retention and promotion.  We believe that the diverse background of our people brings necessary and varied perspectives that enrich our practice of law.  Those perspectives make us more than a diverse law firm; they make us a smart one.  Click on the link to review our Diversity Brochure.

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Robins Kaplan LLP recognizes that the individual professionals we employ – our attorneys and support staff – are our primary assets.  Without skilled human resources, the legal advice and courtroom advocacy we provide to our clients is diminished.  The current legal environment demands that the composition of our workforce reflect the racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression of the entities and persons with whom we interact.  These entities and persons include various state and federal court systems, corporate legal departments, individual plaintiffs and defendants, and the public at large.  Consequently, recruiting, retaining and promoting talented attorneys and support staff of color are among the highest priorities of our law firm.  

For a number of years our firm has diligently worked to enhance diversity.  In 1999, Robins Kaplan LLP established a formal Diversity Committee.  The formation of this committee was the result of the Executive Board’s recognition of the need for a structural mechanism to address the myriad issues facing attorneys of color.  In 2008, we broadened our diversity efforts to additionally address the issues facing firm members who are women or LGBT.  Our experiences have led us to identify four priority arenas with respect to our diversity initiative: leadership, systems support, recruitment and retention.  Our overall goal continues to be the institutionalization of diversity as part of the firm culture.

Our Diversity Action Plan memorializes a number of ongoing initiatives and inherently recognizes that the goals articulated in the Plan are a priority for the entire partnership.  This effort will take leadership and a commitment at the highest levels of management and within regional offices, department groups and the firm as a whole.  Continuing to institutionalize diversity is our overall goal.