Hiring Process

There are three ways to find your way to us. You can introduce yourself to us at a job fair, at an on-campus visit by one of our representatives, or by applying on-line. When applying, don’t underestimate the importance of including a cover letter. We encourage you to take the opportunity to write a good cover letter. In addition to your resume, we will need a copy of your law school transcript and a writing sample. Whether applying to us or any other employer, convert your materials to PDF format before uploading or attaching to an email.

Once we receive your application, we typically conduct an initial (or screen) interview before inviting candidates for a half-day call back interview. At that time, you can expect to meet with five to seven attorneys in 30-minute sessions. You will have a chance to find out more about us as we learn more about you. We will want to know about your work ethic, your ability to think critically about complex business and legal issues, your leadership and networking skills and your written communication skills.
Following the interview, most candidates can expect to hear from us about an offer within two weeks. Should that be longer, we will try to let you know.

Information for 2L’s

The majority of our 2L Summer Associates are hired through campus and job fair interviews. If you are not selected for an interview with us through the campus or job fair lottery process, or you attend a law school we don’t visit, you may apply on-line by using the "Apply Online" link in the side panel. You will have the greatest chance of being considered for a screen interview if you submit your materials through our on-line application system between July 10 and August 1. As previously mentioned, convert any documents you are uploading to PDF format so that they are easy for us to open quickly and so you are confident they will look the same on our computer screens as they look on yours.

After the campus or job fair interviews you can expect to hear from us in 2-3 weeks about your call back interview invitation. Call back interviews for 2L’s follow the same format as other interviews except you are guaranteed lunch.

We’ll ask you to complete an employment application, give us permission to conduct a background check and ask you to complete conflicts check forms. Not to worry – none of these come close to a law school exam, so you will do fine.

Offer decisions are usually made within two weeks of the office interview. If you’re getting an offer, we’ll call you and also send you a formal offer letter. Like most large legal employers we adhere to the NALP rules and offers we extend to 2L students during the fall remain open for 28-days.

Information for 1L’s

Several of our offices have summer clerkships for students between the 1st and 2nd years of law school. Each office recruits IL students differently. Check the job postings on our Web site or with the career services office of your law school for job postings.

Applications from 1L’s are generally accepted between December 1 and January 15 each year, but see individual job postings for specific application deadlines.